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A quick and easy VPN app that lets you connect to different servers around the world

Turbo VPN |
updated on April 19, 2024
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25.2mb | free


Very easy to use
Allows you to connect to different servers around the world


Cannot be used in China
Turbo VPN
Price: $
Turbo VPN is an incredibly efficient VPN app that can connect you to different servers around the world with a tap of a button. To get started with Turbo VPN, all you need to do is open up the app and tap the connect button. You'll immediately be connected to server from a different country. By default, you'll be connected to the server that's the fastest.

You can also tap the globe icon in the top right to choose a specific country. We picked Canada and then tapped to connect. A quick IP test with IPChicken showed that our IP was, in fact, coming from Canada. Using this tool allows you to get around various region locks that may be placed on different websites, or just allows you to mask your IP.

The great thing about Turbo VPN is that you don't have to stay within the app to access the VPN. Once you're connected, everything you do on your smartphone goes directly through the VPN first. You'll be able to see when you're connected at all times by the small key icon that appears in the notification panel.

The download and upload speeds are reasonable too - we've received around 7 mbps for download and 5 mbps for upload. Whilst our ping was over 600 ms, this wasn't an issue for basic web browsing and app usage.

We didn't really have any complaints with the app, although one thing to note is, like with all VPN apps, Turbo VPN isn't available in China.
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